8 – 22 October 2022 Opening: 8 October at 5 p.m.

On Saturday 8 October at 5 p.m., in Pietrasanta (LU), KYRO ART GALLERY presents “Microcosm: forms in the process of becoming – Mineral and vegetable alchemies” by artists Simoncini.Tangi

The exhibition includes two projects “Se-me. Morfogenesi Sapiente [Seed. Sapient Morphogenisis]” and “Le Sculture del Tempo [The Sculptures of Time]”.

Sé-me. Morfogenesi Sapiente is a project that took shape during the Master Futuro Vegetale [Vegetable Future masters], held by Stefano Mancuso and Leonardo Chiesi at Villa Bardini (FI) in 2019. It is a journey into the intelligence of plants, between constellations of seeds interwoven in the air and geographical maps embroidered by underground by roots. Sé-me—a symmetrical capsule on gold leaf—is a reflection on the ability of seeds to perceive and react intelligently to stimuli in the environment. The seed is a conscious living being: it knows what it will become. It is a dynamic and intelligent organism that will only wake up when it finds favourable conditions for growth.  A tireless migrant, it moves through space and time, patiently waiting to open up to the world.

Le Sculture del Tempo is an exploration of images and forms of mineral matter: a voyage of discovery into what the alchemist philosopher Gaston Bachelard calls “the germinative force of metal”.  This project (2021-2022) is a journey within the micro-world of goldsmithing, a pretext to explore that alchemical process in which a soft material (wax), is transformed into a hard and resistant element such as metal.

Goldsmithing techniques such as fretwork and the lost wax give artists the chance to create small sculptures that can be worn or observed closely, forms in process of becoming that remind us that we are all connected and intertwined with the lives of one another.

Bachelard tells us that the universe is “divided precisely into three kingdoms: the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms (…). These kingdoms have a close relationship, one nourishes the other. The exchange of nourishment enables the material process of becoming for all of nature. All of the three kingdoms are subject to the rhythms of life. The animal kingdom is daily life, the plant kingdom annual life and that of the minerals is centuries-long life, a life that is counted in millennia. For the alchemist, metal is the Substance-century…The entire mineral kingdom is seed. The germinative force is everywhere, in the plant, animal and vegetable world. Metal is germinative.”