About Us

Kyro Art Gallery

Kyro Art Gallery was founded in 2018 by a project of Antimo Pascale and Luigi Ciurlia, working in the contemporary art’s world for a longtime and attentive to works of Italian and foreign emerging artists besides to well-known names in the international panorama. 

Pietrasanta’s location will accomodate several solo and collective exhibitions which are instilled every year and are focused on a selected list of names. We remember Eleonora Rossi, Giuseppe Ciracì, Luca Gilli, Rudy Pulcinelli, Paolo Ristonchi, Marzo Nizzoli, Raffaele Rossi, Monique Rollins and Lee Kyung Hee, among many. We are talking about artists whose sense of investigation is of very high quality and who are involved in some both public and private important collections. Anila Rubiku is an artist of Albanian origin and  took part to the Venice biennial festival in 2011 in the Albanian Pavillon. She is present in the most important collections and international museums. The South-Korean artist Park Eun Sun is known on international level and is protagonist of shows in the most important cities of the world with some of his Majestic works. Works of masters Arnaldo Pomodoro, Giacomo Manzù and Giuliano Vangi are also in the Gallery.   

Kyro Art Gallery intends to introduce itself as an observatory open to parallel languages, from painting to sculpture, from video to photography, by favouring authors who are able to compete with all media regardless of gender. 

Pietrasanta is the world capital city for sculpture. It is known as centre for artistic production of marble and bronze. For several years, it is nowadays a very active centre for contemporary art. Occurrence of several foundries, stonecutters’ labs, artists’ studies and proximity to the most important marble mines, create a lively and dynamic setting where galleries and collectors can discuss each other far from metropolis’ excitement.