Collective art exibition

10 July – 10 August

Saturday 10 July from 06:30 to 11:30 p.m. in Pietrasanta (LU) Kyro Art Gallery presents the collective exhibition “Prelude”.

Kyro Art Gallery’ summer goes on with a show which is organized on works of 3 artists. Our gallery started a new collaboration with them and they are: Daniele Accossato, Ilaria Gasparroni and Simoncini.Tangi.

“ Everything was already started before, the first row of the first page of every novel refers to something already happened outside the book”  Italo Calvino .

Daniele Accossato’s research starts from technique, from sculpture’s alchemy, from symbols identifying our cultural and artistic heritage, in order to investigate inner dynamics of human beings and universal aesthetic feeling. His works are exposed in wooden shipping boxes and cages that are open to several reading levels, such as  jail and protection, or human figures that become stored goods.

Ilaria Gasparroni is a sculptress whose preferred material is marble. She uses a wide range of languages and is inspired to literature, philosophy, nature and geometry. Ilaria is particularly interested in human being’s everyday life. She takes inspiration from it in order to face all themes of old and new history putting in this way individuals, places and narration in relation.  She alternates personal and collective remembering  and each sculpture is open to audience and thickle its look. In this way, it meditates on our present , but also on our past and our future in the same time.

Simoncini.Tangi: two visual artists who investigate on the relationship between man and nature and matter’s transformation process. This is an almost scientific investigation which has more and more strenghtened in a research on becoming, and on inner workings of the time and environment’s changes. Their works are influenced by researches of Bergsòn, Einstein, Eco, Bachelard but above all by idea of inter-action of the American physicist Karen Barad.  There isn’t any separation line among present, past and future. We are all connected and linked in an endless dynamism: limits between our Body and the Surrounding One are fluid and are mixed up each other.