Saturday 6 July at 7.00 pm in Pietrasanta ( Lucca) KYRO ART GALLERY presents solo exhibition of the Emilian photographer LUCA GILLI entitled “ The Altissimo’s Light “ curated by Matteo Galbiati.

This exhibition is completely composed of shots specifically realized for the event. It offers to audience Luca Gilli’s last and unprecedented photo series who has explored Cervaiole marble quarryof Henrauxwithhisattentiveandemotionallook.ItwasMichelangeloBuonarrotiin1517 whofirstunderstoodtheVeryHighMountain’spower andbuilt thefirstpartoftheroadwhich would have later reached precious deposits of this mountain” by appointing its fame .

Gilli has crossed and lived this place full of fascination and charm. In this background our photographer composed a visual tale where real and tangible dimensions of workplace ,that is harsh and hard to explain, dematerialize in a set of metaphysical shows where light carries a main role in defining another sense of the reality’ same image.

Infact, one of the most important Emilian photographer’s poetical features is that of acting , with a looking and a soul able to interpret specific appearance of spaces, environments, natural or artifical places . So he obtains imaginative visions which exceed truth owned by reality . He does not alter what is behind the lens and even without any “ artificial “ intervention on the image. The light clarifies, exalts, underlines, defines some details and take some other away, in a process of essential reduction which incites looking by making it in position to identify itself in a different dimension compared to usual perceptual habits. Gilli drives to a process of consciousness and of steady calling into question of what is perceived. While respecting with full attention truth’ specific connotation in which he is working, he brings photography to overcome the simple descriptive element to deepen margings of imagination for free invocation which is dictated and driven by a new possible insight. Mountain’s hurts, stone’s rough surfaces, blocks’ geometrical forms, rock’s natural colours, machines’ complicated forms, just mentioned or simply suggested human presence are visual references used by Gilli in these works. Between approaches and departures, between micro and macro visions, he makes the unexpected – as well as unforeseen – beauty of a light emerge. This

light illuminates the world to such an extent to sublimate it in the ephemeral transitoriness of a transparency. *”

Colour lights up and seems to be reduced by intensifying in white’s purità or to be sharpened in complicated spirals by improving itself in unusual shades which seem a painter’s inventiveness : “ Gilli translates other depths of focus and obtains some interstitial areas of visible between here and elsewhere which find their own limit in his images which are so very strong in their further sense to seem in contrast with elegance of their human sensible passion.*”

Mankind and trascendency are reading keys which help to understand – by raising some right questions – intellectual position of such a great visionary photographer like Luca Gilli, who “ draws from a ‘ rough’ place like the marble quarry and is able “to sculpt” the lovely surprise of another interpretation, of another sensation to let us see everything like has always been behind our eyes, without any deformity, and how it could be behind our imagination too(…). His work’s responsibility is never astonishment but always eye’s guidance in reading the invisible, by finding a new conscience in the world’s truth.*”

The catalogue, with editor’s transcriptions and works’ images, will be presented in gallery on the opening day.

*Quote from critical text of Matteo Galbiati