“L’ansia dell’armonia” – Marco Nizzoli

01 November – 01 December 2018

Curator: Giuseppe Cordoni

Things are held together by invisible links. You can’t pluck a flower without disturbing the stars. ( Galileo Galilei)
The utmost poetic tension In every slightest stroke.

“L’ Ansia dell’Armonia” – Marco Nizzoli, Exhibition view
“L’ Ansia dell’Armonia” – Marco Nizzoli, Exhibition view 2
“L’ Ansia dell’Armonia” – Marco Nizzoli, Exhibition view 3
“L’ Ansia dell’Armonia” – Marco Nizzoli, Exhibition view 4
“L’ Ansia dell’Armonia” – Marco Nizzoli, Exhibition view 5

Here you could say that it’s the frame of the picture that cuts out a portion of pure silence. Not of space, but a fragment of suspended time that captures and fixes an instant of revelation: the quintessence of a mysterious message whose significance is still hard to grasp. Indeed, its features appears so flimsy that you’re tempted to consider it rather insignificant. Nonetheless, it continues to seize you gaze. Thus, after the initial puzzled What is it? … What does it mean? You realize its power of attraction overpowers your rational resistance, the prejudices you’ve built concerning the concept of beauty and form. Therefore it now captures your attention and its enigmatic lightness gradually seeps inside. This is the first impact of Marco Nizzoli’s Harmonies 1, an instinctive minimalist architect of musical effects rather of the forms of realism. Yes, precisely, because that’s what it seems, a game: 2 dawdling” with torn or cut snippets of paper, almost, like children again, trying to picture a whole contained in every fragment of the universe you imagine or long to see. In order to give life to what is “Formless” according to rules specular to those of reality, though they are invisible and no – one has yet tried to show them to you child. As if in possession of an innate eagerness for Harmony capable to alleviate the anguish of Knowing, you’re at the mercy of an unpredictable irremediable Chaos.
So you are welcomed as you tiptoe into Harmonies 1: in the tenuous silence of a Beyond upon which two windows left ajar are thrust open. Scanty faint or faded colored cuttings ( a black one top left, a grey one bottom right), two feather – weights holding in perfect thought fragile equilibrium the whole world.