An exhibition of DANIELE ACCOSSATO 

curated by Beatrice Audrito  29 June | 29 July 2024  – Opening: Saturday 29 June at 7:00 pm  

On Saturday 29 June, the Kyro Art Gallery in Pietrasanta is pleased to present Imperfetto  (in)finito, an exhibition dedicated to Daniele Accossato, curated by Beatrice Audrito.  

The exhibition is an occasion to take stock of the sculptor’s work, which calls into question his  research conducted up until now on the reproduction of classical icons from our cultural heritage –  kidnapped, then bound, gagged or locked in wooden crates to open us up to a broader reflection  on sculpture and the meaning of making art. What is art? Which aesthetic canons does a work of  

art belong to? When is a work considered finished? These are some of the questions posed by  Accossato who, in this exhibition, distances himself from the concept of classical beauty in the  academic sense of the termto arrive at new aesthetic and formal solutions. This gives rise to an  original cycle of works where artist attempts to give space to sculptural instinct and freedom of  

gesture, passing, by necessity, through the deconstruction of the classical figure. The well-modelled  sculpture in the round gives way to the ‘un-finished’, to embrace a broader reflection on the act of  modelling and the process of the work’s construction, in both its conception and creation phases. A  concept that captures the sculptor in a moment of profound revision of his work, without denial of  the past but in the realisation that he must continue his research by going elsewhere to renew its  language and questions.  

The works on display, created using different techniques and materials, give shape to the many  questions Accossato seeks to answer, becoming a metaphor for the reflection on the act of creating  art that also questions the role of the artist himself. The act of sculpting and shaping matter no  longer belongs just to the artist but becomes a physical need, a primordial instinct that belongs to  the adult as it does to the child who, demiurge-like, gives form to the things of this world. It is an act  that must, by necessity, be shared with the public through the creation of a participatory work that  allows those present to enter into the artist’s work, inviting people to take an active part in the  process of creating it, in a playful and shared dimension. What then is the role of the artist? How  can its legitimisation take place? What is the role of the user? Imperfetto (in)finito is an intimate  journey into Daniele Accossato’s sculptural universe that embraces a new phase of his research,  returning the role of art and the artist back to the centre: to pose questions about the world in order  to stimulate reflection and open a dialogue with the user. 


Daniele Accossato (Turin, 1987) is a contemporary sculptor. At the age of fifteen he identified  sculpture as a congenial communicative method, a place where necessity takes shape. In 2011 he  graduated with honours from the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin. When talking about art  and sculpture, he remarks “it is fundamental that each person constantly works to find their own  medium, the medium that can lead to the most captivating self-expression and to a constant and  constructive confrontation with others”.  

His research takes its movement from technique, from the alchemy of sculpture, from the icons that  identify our cultural and artistic heritage, to then explore the inner dynamics of the human being  and the common aesthetic sense. The subjects chosen are archetypes, symbolic images that resonate  with us as part of our culture so we may internalise it, filter it and thus overcome it. In its aspect of  

citation there is a feeling of gratitude even if, in Accossato’s work, these icons are somehow  mistreated, concealed, forced, sacrificed. The symbolic act of ‘kidnapping’ iconic works from the  past is a desecration: it represents the need to free oneself from an education or tradition that can be  limiting in certain cases, freeing oneself from preconceptions and beliefs. At the same time, it is a  way to revive these symbols considered untouchable and make them priceless, closer to us and more  human.  

His latest phase of research takes form in a cycle of original works, where the artist attempts to give  space to sculptural instinct and freedom of gesture. The well-modelled sculpture in the round leaves  space for the ‘un-finished’ to embrace a broader reflection on the act of modelling and the process  of the work’s construction, in both its conception and creation phases. An innovative research in  which Accossato seeks to free himself from classical icons, not disowning the past but realising the  need to go forward in his research, passing as a necessity through the deconstruction of the figure.  Among his most important exhibitions and projects: Walking #1, Kyro Art Gallery, Pietrasanta  (Lu) Ossimori del contemporaneo, Kyro Art Gallery, Pietrasanta (LU), Per via del tutto  eccezionale, Fondazione Filiberto e Bianca Menna, Rome, Talent Prize 24, Paratissima, Turin,  2023 INNESTI23, GASC., Milan, 2022 MY FAB 4, The Koppel Project, London, 2021 Légami Legàmi, Kyro Art Gallery, Pietrasanta (LU), De-Location, Palazzo Tagliaferro, Andora, 2021  Project Room #7 Daniele Accossato, Davide Paludetto Arte contemporanea, Turin, 2018  Lost. L’Arte ritrovata, Museo Archeologico di Salerno, 2017.