Saturday 23 March at 06.30 pm in Pietrasanta ( Lucca), KYRO ART GALLERY will present personal show of the Salento Artist GIUSEPPE CIRACI’ “ The Colour of weather”, is curated by Michele Tavola.

This show is fully devoted to works which were produced in the last two years and is based upon cycle of papers entitled Azzurro cielo which presents a range of paintings, multi-material drawings and collages very consistent for style, subjects and “ creative spirit”.

Towards the end of 2016, Ciracì, after having come back working in his city Brindisi for a few years, incidentally found in his family’s basement a book of art history which had been purchased at the beginning of the new millenium, before moving to Milan, and had been left in Puglia together with his past when he decided to emigrate to North. This book was nowadays unreadable, musty and wasted by moisture, but became a generator of memories and emotions perfect to support creation of new works. Its damaged pages which recreate ancient masterpieces with colours fully altered and accompanied by almost unreadable words, become base to welcome other papers drawn by Ciracì, giving form to surprising layerings where past and present talk together in an inedite way. Fragile sheets are clearly metaphor of human fragility, a topic dear to the heart of artist and transversely cross all his production.

Thereafter other pages riped up by other art books have been exposed, this time voluntarly, to weather injuries, being subjected for three months to mockeries of sun, wind, rain and sometimes even by snow. Ninety days after sheets are tarnished and changed in colour by nature’s intervention, they are ready for the artist’s work who use them as base for a collage of strong visual impact and restrained formal rigour or he sticks them on canvas and uses them as starting point for his paintings.

Result is a corpus of works which gives tribute to the artistic tradition with an original and strongly contemporary language, and in the same time that leads us meditating on human condition.
Catalogue, with text of curator and works’ images, will be presented in gallery on 23 March.
Giuseppe Ciracì

Giuseppe Ciracì was born in 1975 in Brindisi.

After studying at Edgardo Simone high – school he gratuaded in the Academy of Fine Art in Lecce. He began his artistic career in Apulia, though in 2003 he travelled to Milan where he started studying Figurative Arts.

In 2007 Giuseppe Ciracì’s artworks appeared in the documentary titled “ Sigmund Freud, il grande pensatore” ( Sigmund Freud, the great thinker) directed by Ferruccio Valerio.

On the same year, the artist progressively moved form the depiction of portraits to the construction of a set of several – components assemblages which have been inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Windsor.

Giuseppe Ciracì partecipated in several group exhibitions and presented his solo shows all over the world, from Italy (Lecce, Rome, Venice, Milan, etc. ) to Germany ( Berlin) and Indonesia ( Bali).