Kyro Art Gallery, a new art gallery located in the heart of Pietrasanta, is pleased to inaugurate the exhibition season with a personal exhibition by the Milanese artist Eleonora Rossi. The Exercise of Return is curated by Chiara Gatti and presents an important cycle of recent and unpublished works by the artist, the result of her “return” to painting as a rediscovery of the language and expressive values of sign and color, combined with the vocabulary of other media, such as video or drawing in its pure state.
The project conceived by Eleonora Rossi for the Kyro Art Gallery space corresponds, in fact, to a sort of macro-installation where a single story unfolds through painted images accompanied by sketches and video. All the work is the result of several years of intimate reflection on the eternal theme of nature as a meeting place between humanity and the mystery of creation. The concurrence of individual consciousness and the untamed universe. The result is a fresco which draws from the restless contours of a place of the spirit in which rocky views, deep woods, pools of water and glaciers are allegories of moods. They are metaphors of existential situations reflected in the ruggedness of the landscape.
The exercise of return also requires an exercise in style, a recalling of classical instances of analytical painting, of the certain “participative” nature of the Italian post-war period, mixed with the choice of instinctive signs and energetic gestures and bruises of the Anglo-Saxon school.
The camera transposes all this to video, tracks shot with a similar grammar; rhythms, pauses and milky flares. Painting and direction discourse according to a concept of interdisciplinary work of art and of a contamination between languages used simultaneously.
In addition to fifteen paintings, Eleonora Rossi presents the first of a group of video camera installations entitled Exercise of beauty; including drawings and sketches.