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Rudy Pulcinelli was born in Prato, Italy, in 1970. He lives and works between Prato and Beijing. He obtained the high school diploma at the P. Petrocchi School of Art in Pistoia. In 1990 he enrolled in the Architecture Faculty in Florence. He began exhibiting internationally from the 1990s, taking him to France, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Holland, Uruguay, Thailand, China, Morocco, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Japan, India, Turkey, Russia and Spain. Using the symbolism derived from the forms and shapes of the letters of the 7 most widespread alphabets in the world, Pulcinelli links the concept of communication with that of memory. Together they form the basis of his extremely contemporary, media-oriented and emotional sculptural-installation-based language, a type of code of communication aimed at underlining the need to invest in the individual, their history and future. It’s an approach characterised by tolerance and the appreciation of each individual’s particularities, whether ethnic, linguistic or cultural, so that such particularities can be perceived not as obstacles, but as opportunities. In this way, the intrinsic value of a human being is emphasised, to be cultivated with education and instruction as an inalienable right and as a key to satisfying the need for communication which is a primary necessity and spiritual food for every human being. In 1999 he won The Next Generation prize, awarded by Antonio Paolucci, Superintendent for Artistic Heritage in Florence. In 2000, Florence awarded him the “Fiorino d’Oro” prize in the sculpture section. One of his works was exhibited in the Museum of External Contemporary Art of Luicciana, Prato. In 2002 he exhibited at the McGuffey Art Centre in Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S.A. and his work entered the permanent exhibition of the City Hall. In 2004 his works were inserted into the permanent collection of the Paolo VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Brescia. In 2006, he was invited by Prof. Luciano Caramel to exhibit in the Cloisters of the Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University in Milan. In 2008 he exhibited at the XIII Biennial of Sacred Contemporary Art in the Stauròs Museum. In 2009, invited by Maurizio Vanni, director of the Lu.C.C.A. Centre of Contemporary Art, he set up the permanent installation: “(De)contaminazione” [(De)contamination]. He took part with a monumental sculpture, “(S)confinare” [Move beyond], at the “Oltre il limite” [Beyond the limit] event, the XX Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall 1989-2009 – PLAZA International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Milan. In 2010 he was assigned the Original Work prize in the Ciuffenna Nazionale Awards for Painting, which led him to exhibit at the Venturino Venturi Museum. The Art-Verona trade fair commissioned a monumental sculpture to be positioned at the entrance to its pavilions. In 2011 he won the Europol International Art Prize; his work was installed on a permanent basis inside the Europol premises – The European Police Office, Ajax, Holland. He took part in the Thai-Italy Art and Cultural Exchange 2011 project at the Art Gallery of Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. Selected by Arturo Schwarz, he took part in the Sotheby’s Milan Contemporary Art Auction in favour of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. In 2012, he presented his work to the L. Pecci Contemporary Art Museum in Prato, setting up the Memoria Collettiva [Collective Memory] performance. He exhibited at the Correggio Museum, Palazzo dei Principi, Reggio Emilia. In 2013 he created the White Connections work at the

Baimamedo Museum, Tibetan Art Centre, 798 Art Zone in Beijing, China. He took part in the Residence d’Artistes at the Centre d’Art Contemporain Essaouira, in Morocco. He was invited to take part in the “Nuove Conexion” exhibition in the E. Pettoruti Provincial Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In addition, he took part with his own work in the “It’s Tissue – World Tour” project presented inside the Italian Institutes of Culture in: San Paolo, Chicago, Toronto, Tokyo, Beijing, Nuova Delhi, Istanbul and St Petersburg. In 2014 he exhibited in the Be. Go. Museum in Castelfiorentino. Invited by the Director, Mostapha Romli, he participated in the Casablanca Biennial of International Contemporary Art, Morocco. The University of Florence, together with the University of Prato made a video showing Pulcinelli during the creation of his Anomalia work. In 2015 he set up the “Dialoghi” [Dialogues] installation inside the Rozet Cultural Centre in Arnhem, Holland. He exhibited with the solo show “Life Codes”, organised by Maurizio Vanni at the Lu.C.C.A Center of Contemporary Art, Lucca. One of his works was included in the Vitamins project, organised by Laura Monaldi and promoted by the Carlo Palli Archive, presented at the Museo del Novecento in Florence, at the GAMC Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery in Viareggio, at the MART Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto, at the Luigi Pecci Museum of Contemporary Art in Prato and at the CAMeC Centre of Modern and Contemporary Art in La Spezia. In October, he created a site specific installation, “Creating Dialogues”, during the celebrations for the National Day of the People’s Republic of China, in one of the major streets of the 798 Art District of Beijing. In the following months the same installation was exhibited in two other areas of the capital: in the Tian Qiao Center for Performing Art and in the Beijing News Publishing House. In 2016 he set up the LOGOS project, presenting two site specific installations inside the Abbey of San Giusto in Prato. In July, invited by the Organisers of the China Children’s Book Expo, he gave the performance with the title “The Lettersmith” inside the Beijing Exhibition Centre; he set up the site specific installation, “A Children’s Borderless world”, involving the children present at the event. In Spain, he took part in the XXIV edition of ARTOUR-O il MUST, presenting the work “Luce al dialogo” [Light to dialogue] at the Gausa-Raveau Actarquitectura studio in Barcelona. In 2017 he exhibited with the personal “No border”, organised by Giorgio Bonomi at the Lara&Rino Costa Contemporary Art gallery in Alessandria. In Florence, he took part in the XXV edition of ARTOUR-O il MUST, presenting the work, “Verbo” [Word] at Cenacolo del Ghirlandaio, Borgo Ognissanti, Polo Museale della Toscana. In May, he was one of the authors present at the Mundos Transversales exhibition, exposición colectiva, Colección Fundación Pablo Atchugarry, Uruguay. In June he was present at gARTen, the contemporary art review at Villa Rovere, Correggio, Reggio Emilia. In October he was one of the sculptors in the public exhibition, “Rebuilding Spaces”, at Monferrato Castle, set up by Niccolò Bonechi and organized by the Municipality of Casale Monferrato together with the Bonioni Art and the Lara and Rino Costa Contemporary Art galleries. In 2018 he created Dialogue, a glazed ceramic sculpture, creating an exclusive edition for the Legame project, commissioned by Unicoop Firenze. He exhibits with the personal BÌOS, curated by Ilaria Magni, at the Bonioni Arte gallery, Reggio Emilia. In June he was invited to the Trierenberg Art exhibition of contemporary sculpture, entitled “SKULPTUR TRIFFT FIGUR”, curated by Niccolò Bonechi, at Tannpapier Foyer, Traun, Austria. In December he created the site-specific installation Dialoghi, in Piazza Bruno Buoni in Brescia, with the support of the Colossi Arte Contemporanea gallery. In 2019 he exhibited with his personal Resilienze, curated by Jacopo Della Ragione, at Morotti Arte Contemporanea, Milan. In May he exhibited with his personal Relazioni, curated by Ilaria Magni, at Spazio Cose Belle, Fusignano, Ravenna. During the Fuorisalone in Milan he was invited by Studio Andrea Castrignano who included him in the ACollection project, presented within the Romana Design District. Pulcinelli will create the monumental sculpture Dialogue for the occasion.