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Park Eun Sun was born in 1965 in Mopko, South Korea.
The discovery of painting, arrived very early in the life of the artist who dreamed of becoming a great painter, yet at twelve years old his parents prevented him from attending the Institute of Art.
His art teacher at secondary school, however recognised his skills and allowed him secretly to make use of the class, which he could practice painting.
Park Eun Sun partecipated in and won several painting competitions, and so his parents allowed him to devote himself to art.
On moving to Seoul, he enrolled in a degree course at the University of Kyung Her to become an Art Instructor.
After completing his military service, he dedicated himself to housing design, approaching space in this way, perceiving the value of it and studying environments.
The importance dedicated to forms and matter brought him nearer to the study of sculpture, resulting in him changing his field of study from painting to sculpture, at the University of Kyung Hee.
The discovery of materials passed from initial use of clay, to marble and granite later, his consolidation as a sculptor developed through partecipation in numerous group exhibitions and competitions.
In 1993 he moved in Italia, to Pietrasanta, where he continued his study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara.
The first solo show were held in Florence in 1995, in Munich ( Baviera) in 1996, and in Seoul in 1997.
Park’s sculpture develops in the concept of space expressed by Eastern culture through the abrasion of the surface where cracks, tears and cuts co- exist which symbolize the opening of human inner reality and, at the same time, the total destruction of the material.
His works are linear and globular structures, spheres, cubes and columns without bearing functionality, but supported by allegories and symbols, where ideas and concepts conquer the surrounding space.
The columns represent the metaphor: “ the birth and budding spring, the embryo that according to nature develops happily into a child and an adult, through the depiction of the column with its shadows”.
Park Eun Sun has exhibited in galleries and museums in Italy ( Florence, Genova, Pietrasanta, Rome, Turin, Verona and Padua), and abroad ( Belgium, Korea, France, Germany, England, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Panama, Poland, Singapore, U.S.A. and Switzerland).
Currently, his working activity is situated between Europe, South Korea and the Americas.



– Kyro Art Gallery ” Infinito”, Pietrasanta – Italy


– Giacomo Puccini Square, Viareggio – Italy

– Pisa international Airport Galileo Galilei, Pisa -Italy

– Florence Internation Airport Amerigo Vespucci , Florence – Italy

-Hippodrome San Rossore, Pisa – Italy

– Art Of the World Gallery, Houston – Texas – USA

-Monumental Exhibition for Island National Festival 1st Edition Sam – Hak Island, Mopko – South Korea

– Art Busan, Busan “BEXCO” – Korea
– Monaco Yacht show, Montecarlo

-International Award “Pietrasanta and Versilia in the World”, Pietrasanta – Italy

-The Page Gallery, Seoul – Korea

-Le Musèe Galeria d’Art, La Ville Bernard Boesch, La Baule – France

-Hotel Principe, Forte dei Marmi – Italy

– Park Eun Sun a Pietrasanta ( Chiesa e Chiostro di S.Agostino, Piazza Duomo, Pontile di Marina di Pietrasanta)
– Belvedere delle maschere, Viareggio
– – Museo dei Bozzetti, Pietrasanta
– Park Eun Sun a Padova, opere monumentali nel centro cittadino
– Galleria Vecchiato, Padova

– Piazzale Michelangelo, Piazza Pitti, Aeroporto A.Vespucci, Giardino delle Rose,San Miniato al Monte, Palazzo Vecchio-Cortile dei Leoni, Firenze,Italia

– Pisa International Airport (Galileo Galilei), Pisa, Italia
– Citta di Forte dei Marmi,Italia

– Villa Ghirlanda.Cinisello,Milano, Italia
-Forte di Bard Museo , Bard , Aosta, Italia
– Art center Materima/Studio Copernico, Casalbeltrame, Novara,Italia
– Altes Bad Pfäfers , Bad Ragaz, Svizzera
– Galleria Mark Peet Visser, Heusden, Olanda

– Mercati di Traiano Museo dei Fori Imperiali, Roma Italiia
– Galleria Lacke&Farben, Berlino, Germania
– Le Musée galeria d’art -La Villa Boesch, ATLANTIA, La Baule, Francia
– Centro cittatino, La Baule, Francia

– Centro cittadino,Lugano,Svizzera
– Hotel Principe Leopoldo,Lugano,Svizzera
– Galleria Urbengsschlass, Hesperange,Lussemburgo
– Parco ‘La comune de Hesperange,Hesperange.Lussemburgo
– Materima,Studio copernico, Casalbetrame(Novara),Italia

– Fondazione Villa Bertelli,Forte dei Marmi,Italia- Galleria Carlina, Torino,Italia
– Arena Studio d’arte,Verona,Italia

– Galleria Miniaci, Milano, Italia
– ‘MARMOMACC 2011’Fondazione HENRAUX,Verona,Italia

– Citta di Alba,Miroglio,Alba,Italia
– Citta di Barolo,Italia
– Dosi Gallery,Busan,Corea

– Museo Marino Marini,Firenze,Italia
– Quattro Mori,Milano,Italy
– Galleria SUN- SUN Art Center,Seoul,Corea

– Gana Art Gallery,Seoul,Corea

– Parco ‘La versiliana’ Pietrasanta ,Italia

– ABSOLUTE ART Galleria,Knokke,Belgium
– Galleria Mark Peet Visser,Heusden, Olanda
– University Zürich, Zürich,Svizzera

– Galleria Sangiorgio,Milano, Italia

– Galleria Park Ryu Sook,Seoul Corea

– Galleria Carlina, Torino,Italia
– Swinger Art Galleria, Verona,Italia

– Studio SEM, Pietrasanta, Italia

– Galleria Park Ryu Sook,Seoul Corea
– Galleria RHO,Seoul Corea

– Galleria Bernd Dürr,München, Germania

– Galleria Park Ryu Sook,Seoul Corea

– Galleria Bernd Dürr,München, Germania
– Galleria Zehntscheuer,Münsingen, Germania
1995 – Galleria Gadarte, Firenze,Italia
– Galleria Duemme, Genova, Italia



-“Materia” Kyro Art Gallery, Pietrasanta – Italy


-Art Busan , South Korea

-17th KIAF Korea International Busan- South Korea

– The page Gallery – Seoul – Korea
– Art Busan 2018, Bexo square, Busan – Korea
– Le Musée galerie d’art, La Ville Bernard Boesch, La Baule – France
– Hotel Principe, Forte dei Marmi – Italy

– Park Eun Sun e il suo atelier, Sala Putti , chiostro di s. Agostino – Pietrasanta

-16th KIAF NKorea International Art Fair, Coex – Seoul – South Korea

2015 -“ Triennale”, Bad Ragaz,Vaduz, Svizzera
-Arte Fiera, KIAF, 14th korea Internazionale Arte Fiera,Seoul,Corea
-Internazionale Arte Fiera Context, Miami, America
-Internazionale Arte Fiera BARCU,Bogotà.Colombia
2014~2015 “Michelangelo e La Versilia” Istituto Italiano di Cultura,NEW YORK,America
2014 – ART STAGE Singapore 2014, SINGAPORE
– Arte Fiera, KIAF, 13th korea Internazionale Arte Fiera,Seoul,Corea
2013 – SEOUL art show 2013, Seoul,Corea
– Arte Fiera, KIAF/13, 12th korea Internazionale Arte Fiera,Seoul,Corea
– BERLINER LISTE2013,fair for contemporary art,Berlino,Germania
– The First Biennial of the South in Panama 2013,
“Summoning Worlds”,Panama,PANAMA
– K-sculpture,fiesole 2013 korea sculpture FESTIVAL,fiesole,Italia
– “Corea astratta ”,Galleria SUN- SUN Art Center,Seoul,Corea
2012 – Shanshui-Man,LIG ART SPACE,Seoul,Corea
– ‘ARTE PADOVA 2012’ Arena Studio d’arte,Padova,Italia
– Museum of Art, Seoul National University , Seoul,Corea
– Arte Fiera Bologna 2012, Galleria Carlina,Bologna,Italia
2011 -‘SIGN OFF DESIGN’,SLIDE art,Venice,Italia
– 29th Corea Gallerie Arte Fiera,Seoul,Corea
– VERSILIA WINE ART, Pietrasanta,Italia
-‘SIGN OFF DESIGN’,Palazzo delle Esposizione,Torino,Italia
2010 -28th Corea Gallerie Arte Fiera,Busan,Corea
– ‘Scultura in Valigia’,Insa Galleria, Seoul,Corea
– Museo dei vino a barolo,Barolo,Italia
– Marmo Fiera,CosMave,Carra,Italia
2009 -New acquisitions 2008,National Museum of Modern Art, Corea
-‘Scultura in Valigia’, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts,
Alabama, America
2008 – i SEGRETI…del MESTIERE,artisti per il Duomo,Pitrasanta,Italia
– Scultura Internazionale ad Aglie,SCULTURA NATURA Oriente Occidente 2008, Torino,Italia
– Oisterwijk Sculture 2008,Etienne&Van den Doel, Expressivee Contemporary Art,Oisterwijk,Olanda
– 17 artisti rappresentanti coreani di oggigiorno. Galleria ParkRyuSook,Seoul Corea
2007 -‘Sculpture in the Garden’,Harold Martin Botanical Gardens, University of Leicester, Inghilterra
2006 – Arte Fiera, LINEART Ghent ,Belgium
– Holland Art Fair 2006 (HAF),DenHaag, Olanda
– Salon primavera Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Olanda
– Sculture EN PLEIN AIR,Limone Piemonte e Stupinigi Torino,Italia
– Absolute art gallery,Brugge,Belgium
2005 – MPV Galleria,Heusden,Olanda
– Arte Fiera,Studio copernico, Verona, Italia
– I segni e le forme due passi nell’arte, Pietrsanta, Italia
– Scultura “AMOR MARMORIS” , Levigliani,Italia
– Arte Fiera, Galleria Sangiorgio, Bari, Itali
– The 5th Anniversary Exhibition of Samsung TESCO,Insa Art Center,Seoul,Corea
– The Best of….,Insa Galleria,seoul,Corea
2004 – The MILANO INTERNATIONAL MODERN ARTS SHOW,Palazzo della Permanente,Milano, Italia
2003 – Park Ryu Sook,20th Anniversary,Seoul, Corea
– ‘Sculpture in the Garden’,University of Leicester,Harold Martin Botanical Gardens, Leicester, Inghilterra
– Arte Fiera Bologna 2003,GalleriaCarlina,Bologna,Italia
– Arte Fiera MIART,Galleria Carlina,Swinger Art ,Milano, Italia
– The MILANO INTERNATIONAL MODERN ARTS SHOW,Palazzo della Permanente,Milano, Italia
– Arte Fiera,Swinger ART Galleria, Verona, Italia
– Magnetismi delle Forme, scultori in centrale,Enel,Santa Barbara di Cavriglia,Italia
– ARTE PER LA VITA, Hotel Kraft,Firenze,Italia
– Heiri Festival2003, Galleria Park Ryu Sook,Seoul Corea
– Sculture carezzate da un vento etrusco,ENEL,Piombino,Italia
2002 – Arte Fiera Colone, Park Ryu Sook Galleria,Colonia,Germania
– Artissima Arte Fiera,Torino,Italia
– Post Arte Fiera, Park Ryu Sook Galleria,Seoul,Corea
– Installazione allo stadio dei mondiali di calcio Su Won,Corea
– L’acqua e la vita, Magnetismi delle Forme,ENEL produzione,Italia
2001 – Arte Fiera Colone, Park Ryu Sook Galleria,Colonia,Germania
– Galleria Bell’Arte, Sculture all’aperto,Maastricht,Olanda
2000 – Arte Fiera Colone, Park Ryu Sook Galleria,Colonia,Germania
– Die45,Kunst Messe München2000, Germania
– Galleria Bell’Arte, Sculture all’aperto,Maastricht,Olanda
– Arte&Città 2000,Bologna,Italia
1999 – Arte Fiera Colone, Park Ryu Sook Galleria,Colonia,Germania
– Galleria Bell’Arte, Sculture all’aperto,Maastricht,Olanda
1998 – Basel Arte Fiera, , Basel,Svizzera
– Sculture On The Wall,Galleria Sai,Seoul,Corea
– The Swiss Grand Hotel 10thAnniversary&GalleriaSamtuh’s 20th
The Swiss Grand Hotel,Seoul,Corea
– L’infinito possibili,Pianeta Azzurro Museum,Roma,Italia
– Park Ryu Sook Galleria15thAnniversary, Seoul,Corea
1997 – Unformed,4 Scultori,Galleria Gain, Seoul,Corea
– Mostra di scutura in omaggio a SEM,Pietrasanta,Italia
1996 – Open Arte96 München Galleria Bernd Dürr,München, Germania
– Scultura all’aperto,Chilford Hall,Cambridge,Inghilterra
– Due scultori,Galleria Ars Polonia, Varsavia, Polonia
– In attesa dell’Alba,Pietrasanta,Italia
– Scultori e Pittori contemporanei, Zehntscheuer,Germania
1995 – Il gatto,Firenze,Italia
– MIART Arte Fiera,Milano,Italia
– 1st Natura ut Sculptura,camaiore,Italia
1994 – Pietra lavorata,San Nicolò Italia
– Cardo D’argento,Firenze,Italia
1993 – Galleria Hoo in,Seoul,Corea
– Museo Ho-Am SamSung Art,Seoul,Corea
1991 – Museo Nazionale d’Arte Moderna,Corea

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Daegu, Corea
Samsung Tesco, Corea
Samsung Raemian APT, Corea
Meritz fire&Marine Insurance Co,Seoul, Corea
Hana Bank, Seoul, Corea
Hyundai Development Co. I-Park, Seoul, Corea
Samsung Tower Palace , Seoul, Corea
Rexfield Country Club, Gyeonggi-do, Corea
Gyeonggi-do Sanctuary Sculpture Park, Corea
Taejosan Sculpture Park, Cheonan, Corea
Suwon Worldcup Stadium, Suwon, Corea
Daewoo Prugio,Ansan, Corea
Woongjin Think BIG Co., Gyeonggi-do, Corea
LG, Konjiam Country club, Gyeonggi – do – Corea
Lakehills Country Club, Gyeonggi-do, Corea
Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amist`a ,Verona, Italia
Royal Caribbean Cruise(Votage of the Seas), Miami, U.S.A
Radiance, Miami, U.S.A
BALLI BALLI srl, Milano, Italia
GUNA Pharm,Milano,Italia
University of Zürich, Svizzera
Museo dei Bozzetti Pietrasanta Italia
JangHeung ArtPark Museum,Corea
National Museum of Modern Art, Corea
Seoul Metropolitan Museum of ART,Seoul,Corea
Ente Fiera Internazionale ,Alba,Itala
Han Gang River,yeoJu Bo(Sbarramento),Gyeonggi-do, Corea
Sede centrale della Banca Regionale Europea di Torino, Italia
Museo del Barolo, Italia
Comune de Hesperange,Lussemburgo
Museo dei Bozzetti, Pietrasanta
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwacheon – Corea
Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seoul – Corea
Basilica di San Miniato a Monte, Firenze – Italia
Museo dei fori imperiali – Roma
Le Musée galeria d’art – La Villa Boesch – La Baule – Francia
National Museum of Modern and contemporary Art, Seoul – Corea
Museo del Barolo, Italia
European Regional Headquarters of the Bank of Torino, Italia
Materima, Casalbeltrame – Novara – Torino