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Kyung Hee Lee

You can paint beauty,
As you can paint nature its colors ( K.G.)

Lee kyung Hee paints on yellow hemp cloth flowers inspired by story that arises from memories. Flowers are to her siblings, consolation and bridges that connect stories. They are mundane subject of art, only ornate yet to her flowers deliver narratives and collect memories.In Italy she studies paintings at Accademia di Carrara and there she paints all sorts of flower in bold colors. From red, violet and orange to colors beyond those conventional for flowers; she uses bright and bold hues without esitation exploring different materials. It was her father’s Mosi Jeogori that sparked an answer for her. She painted plum blossoms on it as a way of recording her memories with her father. Then she took hemp and ramia cloths from her mother and painted on them with mixture of watercolor paint and acrylic glue and then ironed them to fix colors and prevent paintings from discoloring. Adding stitches along the edges of the hemp cloth with silk threads and embroideries to fill in parts of her work Lee also breathes life into hemp cloth, the material that is traditionally used to clothe the deceased and stands as a symbol of death.The artist works by taking photographs of real flowers and then sketching the image taking the outlines but fills the flowers with painterly brushstrokes rich with emotions. From flowers in full bloom to withering leaves and stems, multiple stages of flowers lives are portraiyed. She uses flowers as symbols of nature that denote the youth and beauty of transformation. She takes note of natural sunlight from the exterior as well as the light emitted through the colors from the textiles and utilizes them as artistic materials. Lee is an artist who goes beyond simply reproducing flowers, she takes them as the source of her artistic practice and creates paintings that are unique and original. Exploring Lee’s artistic world returns the great pleasure of examinig the infinite potentials of an artist with artistic conviction.

Lee Kyung Hee was born in Mokpo, South Korea in 1967.


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