“ Ho voluto fermare un ricordo che ha provato a volare via”

I wanted to stop a memory that was trying to fly away 

Curator: Matteo Galbiati

Vernissage: April, 9 at 6:00 pm until May, 22  2022

Next Saturday 9 April  at 06.00 pm in Pietrasanta ( Lucca), KYRO ART GALLERY presents the young artist ILARIA GASPARRONI’s personal exhibition “ I wanted to stop a memory that was trying to fly away” ( Ho voluto fermare un ricordo che ha provato a volare via) whose curator is Matteo Galbiati.

KYRO ART GALLERY’s exhibition season opens with the young sculptress Ilaria Gasparroni’s first personal exhibition hosted in its gallery. With this project, Mrs Gasparroni strenghtens and officializes collaboration with the Tuscan gallery which was already started for some time.

Ilaria Gasparroni is proudly a sculptress.  She expresses her storytelling determination through an accurate and detailed definition of this style that she founds by starting from a conscious technical knowledge and an excellent expertise in realization.  Knowledge of marble, of materials and of details which characterize each one of these, allow her to follow up her hand’s knowledge. It is able to define with exceptional precision the idea that comes from her thought to sculpture by becoming a work.

“ She is connected to the ancient principle of a traditional “ craftsmanship” which is the expression of a long artistic and aesthetic history and in this way she restores weight and vision of an image’s honor that moves away from “ heavy” concreteness of the object, like some other contemporary artists. Moreover she takes advantage of a strong awareness and changes its state by transforming each work in a sensitive representative, a device for heart, and an agent of magnificence for eyes”*.

“ In fact, focal point of her works is not slavish reproduction of an object , as it is done, her urgent aim is not truthful duplication of “ thing”, she does not look for wonder for how and how everything must be close to reality. On the contrary, this real and truthful feedback, which must be exact in all terms, is just secondary as regards emergence of a memory’, an emotion’, a common experience’s image,that will be different in everybody of us anyway and that finds a very strong potential catalyst, the vehicle of other individual, dormant and never forgotten sensitiveness in the object-sculpture  “

This means that Gasparroni’ sculptures remind reinterpretation of a past experience, an existential side multiplies in somebody else’ soul in image’s insignificance which is taken, stolen and pulled out from the sculpted object”. In this way, she finds out  “ vital source and nourishment to broaden her sense, to magnify range of her tale”.

Her seven unreleased works she all realized all for Ho voluto fermare un ricordo che ha provato a volare via propose “ a time path of everyday objects that become elements of memories, litmus tests of events which crossed everybody’s paths and lives; they are past references to childhood, to game, to trip and to children’ and adults desire of daydream. In this evocative transfer Gasparroni’ sculptures show ( and then she instills in us) all magic of her unique poetry.”

“Material’s weight and consistency disappear because everything becomes indistinct exactly like memories which are emerged and activated in us and then plunged into marble with same roots of our most intimate and unique vicissitudes that meet again and complete themselves into the dialogic exchange with sculpture itself“

Truth and imagination, memories and actions get into the game and break by observing simple truth which is full of intensity : a paper little boat, hell and paradise game, a doll house, of a balloon flown away… Their presence gets something that awakens in us and becomes stable there, freezes it without never becoming ordinary and obvious. “ Her refined sculpturing way of thinking inserts itself as a thought which is already in us and for this reason it is so strong and real”.

This exhibition was born from close collaboration between the artist, gallery owners and curator. It has had a long genesys also for  careful care with which the artist realizes her own works and slow and sized time used to finish them. During this time, comparison , thoughts’ and ideas’ exchange has been basic to reach a unanimous and shared project, made strong by everybody’s passions and sensibility. Exhibition which is going to be launched takes a further and deepened meaning in view of the voyage for which Luigi has been called. This exhibition has been composed and finished always keeping in mind and heart his presence. We dedicate exhibition to his memory, he always loved it so much .

Bilingual catalogue ( Italian – English), with curator’s text and works’ images, will be presented during the exhibition.

Sentences between inverted commas return to Matteo Galbiati’s critical text. *


She was born in Sant’Omero ( TERAMO) on 1989. She started her artistic training at Fine Arts Academy of Urbino. Her specializations were on marbles and on hard stones and she attended from 2009 to 2014 and graduated with honour.

Actually she lives and works in Alba Adriatica (TERAMO) where she has a sculpture laboratory/ studio.

Gasparroni’s work is articulated on a wide range of languages : they take inspiration from literature, phylosophy and nature. Humanity and daily life are elements she gives particular attention. She also takes inspiration from them to deal with various themes regarding actual and past history, in this way she puts in connection individuals, places and tales